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Sonik AXS Olive Shelter Range


With three products in the range from the brolly to the shelter and lastly the bivvy there is something in this range to suit everyones style of angling.

Fox EOS 60 Brolly System


Offering exceptional value for money the EOS 60 Brolly offers a full brolly system at a superb price

Trakker Tempest Brolly 100T Social Cap


A very handy bit of kit that will turn your 100T Brolly to a larger shelter for those long sessions.

Trakker Tempest Brolly 100


The ever popular Tempest brolly has been given the one thing that has been missing, rear vents, FINALLY!!

Aqua Fast and Light Groundsheet


You can be as hardcore as you like but sometimes that bit of comfort in the form of a groundsheet in the winter is a nice thing to have. We won't judge, honest!

Aqua Fast and Light Mozzi Mesh


There is nothing worse than the mozzi's keeping you awake on those hot summer nights, this Fast and Light mozzi mesh is the perfect solution to this problem!

Aqua Brolly Pocket


The perfect solution for storing all your valuables all in a safe place inside the brolly for your session without the worry of losing them.

Aqua Camo Fast and Light Wrap


The perfect solution to giving yourself a solid door on the fast and light brolly or if you have a green fast and light the perfect way to make it DPM for the colder months!

Aqua Fast and Light Brolly MK2


This cult classic brolly is one of Aqua's stable shelters that have stood the test of time and as the name suggest it goes up in quick time and weighs very minimal.

Wychwood Tactical Brolly


light, compact DPM brolly perfect for short sessions or overnighters with an old school design.

Trakker Tempest Brolly 100 Aquatexx EV 1.0


The best brolly on the market has just got so much better. In a new Aquatexx material this is possibly the best brolly yet.

Trakker - Tempest Brolly V2 Full Infill Panel


A full zip in infill panel for your Tempest Brolly V2 turning it in to a full fronted shelter brilliant for if you'd prefer not to have a bivvy but are fishing in harsh situations or would like a bit of extra cover. The infill panel only weights 1KG so is incredibly light to bring with you as an added extra.