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Spider Wire Stealth Smooth8 23lb (10.3kg) 150m


Super smooth braided line offering suppleness without compromising strength

Daiwa J Braid X4 50lbs/22.4kgs 0.33mm 135m


Incredibly strong and abrasion resistant, an absolute must when reliable tackle is essential from Deadbait fishing for pike right through to spodding and marker work when carp fishing.

Daiwa J Braid X8 13lbs/5.9kg 0.10mm 150m


Ultra thin braid with supreme strength and reliability, for a multitude of uses from vertical jigging to long range feeder fishing.

Berkley WhipLash 8


Legendary braid that needs no introduction, ideal for a whole host of angling situations, be it Carp fishing, Spod/Marker Fishing or Lure fishing, it has it covered.

Berkley X9 Braid


Berkley's 9 Carrier Stranded braid, making it smoother on the cast due to the rounder profile.