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Bivvy Bags & Accessories

Nash Titan Hide Fast Fit Storm Pole Adapters


Essential for keeping your shelter pinned down in harsh weather

Fox Frontier XD Vapour Peak


The Frontier XD Vapour peak will not only give the shelter an added peak to keep driving rain out but it will also help reduce condensation with the shelter and help regulate temperature.

Fox Frontier XD Camo Mozzy Mesh


Keep the mozzi's and other bugs out during the warmer months, there is nothing worse than having bugs buzzing around your face at night under a head torch light or bivvy light.

Fox Frontier Camo Mozzi Mesh


Keep the mozzi's at bay over the warmer months with the Camo Mozzi mesh, the mozzi mesh also helps increase air flow into the shelter as well!

Trakker Elastic Repair Kit


Replacement Elastic Kit for all Trakker Shelters with elasticated pole joints

Trakker Revive Apparel Wash & Protect


Specially designed to clean and restore worn out clothing

Trakker Revive Sleeping Bag Anti-Bac


Simply mix in your washing machine and give your sleeping bag a new lease of life

Trakker Revive Shelter Repair Kit


A complete kit for repairing holes and scrapes in bivvies and brollies

Trakker Revive Shelter Reproofing Kit


Simply spray directly onto your waterproof garments or equipment to restore them back to their former glory

Trakker Revive Shelter Complete Care Kit


Dedicated shelter wash kit to keep your bivvies and brollys in tip top condition

Trakker Tempest 150 Bivvy Aquatexx EV 1.0 Social Cap


Perfect for those long Euro trips or if you like to just live in luxury whilst on the bank.

Trakker Tempest 100 Bivvy Aquatexx EV 1.0 Social Cap


Based on the original idea coming from the Utility Front Trakker the Social Cap is better than ever and gives you extra room when on the bank.