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Big Pit

Daiwa 20 Crosscast 45 SCW 5000LD QD


Highly recognised for its long range capability's the crosscast 45 scw features the same incredible 45mm profile possessed by the original Basia

Shimano Ultegra XTE 14000 Reel


Based on Shimano's best selling reel, these are set to redefine the mid price range reel market

Fox 12000XC Reel


Top of the range coming from the guys at Fox the 12000XC is an awesome bit of kit and if you are looking for a new set of reels, these are the ones!

Nash Dwarf Big Pit Compact


The perfect big pit reel for short rod users

Okuma INC-6000 Reels


Designed for carp or pike fishing these, compact, lightweight, pit style reels are a true powerhouse capable of taming the largest fish



Simply stunning big pit reel with all the tech of a highly priced reel

Sonik Xtractor Pro 5000 Reel


The Xtractor reel range has now gone up a notch, with the introduction of the new Pro 5000

Sonik VADERX PRO Carbon Reels


Robust, light and packed with modern tech

Daiwa 20 Tournament Basia 45SCW QD


The Basia name has always been renowned for offering the highest calibre of reels and the 45SCW QD carries on the trend of the best technology coupled with the best technical know-how

Daiwa Tournament S 5000 (Series Black)


A new take on an absolute stone cold classic!! the original 5000t now with a black paintjob awesome

Daiwa Black Widow 25A Reels


Who says you need to pay a fortune for fantastic reels? The Black Widows are by far one of the best budget reels on the market

Daiwa SS2600 Whisker Reel


The ultimate old school floater fishing / stalking reel available, that iconic gold spool is synonymous with big iconic carp