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Baiting Tools

Frenzee FXT Pellet Bander


A great pellet bander for all weather conditions, even comes with free bait bands!!!!

Wychwood Multi Tool


Gone of the days of carrying multiple baiting needles and drills

Korum Bopper Bait Dropper


The ultimate bait dropper featuring a spod / bait dropper hybrid design allowing it to be cast onto your chosen area

Korum TI Baiting Needle Set


Essential tools that will cover all of your baiting and rig tying needs.

Korum TI Bait Drill


Essential for drilling out hard baits such as pellets or tiger nuts

Korum TI Hair Needles


A great little tool for tying you hair rigs or baiting with delicate baits such as sweetcorn

Korum TI Gated Needles


An extremely versatile tool every angler needs

Preston Innovations Soft CAD Pots


Available in three sizes so there is a pot for every occasion

Preston Innovations Mega Soft CAD Pot


Designed for feeding increased quantities of bait

Preston Innovations Supera Drop Bucket


Great little tool for getting water to mix up groundbait or pellets when faced with high banks

Preston Stainless Steel Whisk


Perfect for mixing up large quantities of groundbait

Preston Innovations Super Pellet Pump


Essential for preparing expander pellets