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Bait Making

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna Liquid Additive 500ml


Fancy making your own Pacific Tuna boilies with a few tweaks? or making up a nice fresh batch of corkball pop ups? grab a bottle of the liquid additive, some eggs and a bag of base mix and away you go!

CC MOORE Pacific Tuna Paste 300g


Why not a little attraction to your hookbait by wrapping it in a piece of fast breakdown paste? great for murky stillwaters or for rivers when targeting barbel.

RidgeMonkey - Holed XL Bait Spoon Green


Standard size scoop suitable for all baits, boilies, pellet, maggots, spod mix and anything else you could think of! The holes on this spoon allow you to transfer your mix with minimal mess, especially with spod mix!

RidgeMonkey - Choppa Boilie Cutter Medium 18-20mm


Needing plenty of chopped in half boilies but don't want to waste time? This RidgeMonkey cutter is quick, easy to use and hard wearing with a stainless steel blade!

RidgeMonkey - Choppa Boilie Cutter Small 14-16mm


Needing plenty of chopped in half boilies but don't want to waste time? This RidgeMonkey cutter is quick, easy to use and hard wearing with a stainless steel blade!

Sticky Baits -Enzyme-Treated Liver Powder


One of the least known products to the market, using all poultry derived ingredients as apposed to the mimics that include pork and bovine, making it one of the best appetite simulators on the market! Another natural product that's without any use limitations.

Sticky Baits - Pure GLM Extract (Green Lipped Mussel) 100g


Another great additive without limitations to use, the well known green lipped mussel powder has been intensely tested and sourced to create the best product they can.

Sticky Baits - Pure Natural Betaine 100g


Unlike other mimics Sticky Baits have produced a betaine powder that is arguably better, it is pure and aids in bait attraction. Although mostly used in bait production its a great addition to particles, pellets and spod mixes, also mixed in to your glugs and liquids.

Sticky Baits - Bloodworm Paste 280g


This paste is designed to be used around the bloodworm hookbaits however can be used with carp, tench, barbel, any species. The paste breaks down quickly offering constant and maximum fishing attraction to the area, infused with real bloodworm it replicated the same attractive properties with its rich red fishy aroma.

Sticky Baits - Bloodworm Active Mix


Bloodworm active mix comes to life when it is submerged into water, food particles are released through the water column grabbing the attention of passing carp, whilst the haze gives the carp the confidence to feed freely. Designed to be used for bags and sticky mixes it also appeals to all anglers whatever their species target.

Sticky Baits - Manilla Paste 280g


Designed to wrap around the Manilla hookbaits the paste is made up of a complex combination of blended milk proteins and bird foods, all of which have an exceptional track record. The paste is made to breakdown quickly offering a fast dispatch of attractors. The instant attraction from the paste is from the pure Madagascan extract.

Sticky Baits - The Krill Paste 280g


This paste has a multitude of uses, known by the name this product is made up of twenty-five different ingredients alone plus a couple of little gems added in by Sticky Baits! It perfectly suits the carps dietary requirements meaning they then actively hunt out the bait having been sent in to a frenzy!