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Bait Bags, Buckets & Pots

Sticky Baits 5.8ltr Bucket


Subtly branded bucket ideal for storing items of terminal tackle for stalking / floater fishing or for carrying your bait of choice

Drennan DMS Ventilated Bait Box


Ideal for baits such as maggots and worms which need to breathe, ideal for use with the DMS Bait Waiter

Drennan DMS Adjustable Bait Waiters


Innovative design which allows the angler to customize their bait waiter to any combination, designed to be used with the new DMS Bait Boxes

Guru Fusion H20 Water Bucket


A handy drop bucket that is on a cord enabling you to stay seating in your peg and get as much or as little water as you need.

Guru Fusion Cool Bag


Perfect for keeping your bait in top condition such as maggot and caster or if you like to take some cold drinks then this can be used for them as well, just remember not to mix the food and the bait together...

Guru Fusion Bait Pro MK2


The bait pro has been revamped as if it wasn't good enough already, here we have the MK2!!

Guru Bait Box


The humble maggot box, can be used to house a variety of different baits, maggot of course, pellet, corn the possibilities are endless.

Speero Bait / Cool Bag Small DPM or Green


Will take up to 1.75 kg of bait. Great if you’re only taking a small amount of bait and want to keep it fresh, brilliant for storing deadbait when pike fishing. Designed so four of these fit into the modular bait/cool bag.

Trakker - Olive Square Bucket Container


A Trio of robust Olive Square Containers are ideal for many applications, and are available in three sizes (5L, 13L and 17L). All of our Olive Square Containers come with air-tight lids to help prevent accidental spillages, ergonomically designed carry handles, and are constructed from a durable plastic which remains shatterproof even in low temperatures.

Trakker - Collapsible Water Bowl with Handles


We’ve no doubt all been in a situation at one point or another, where we’ve caught a carp and suddenly found yourself without a receptacle to collect some water in to wet the fish down with whilst on the unhooking mat. With one of these Collapsible Water Bowls stuffed inside your unhooking mat or carryall, you’ll never find yourself in that predicament again! It’s uses don’t stop there though, as the Collapsible Water Bucket can also be used for anything you would use a regular bucket for, such as balancing rigs in, chopping baits into or even mixing small amounts of ground bait and pellet for stick/bag mixes. Welded seams, a semi-rigid rim and easy-to-use carry-handles make the Collapsible Water Bowl a great addition to your kit whilst adding minimal weight and bulk to your load.

Trakker - 5ltr Icon Water Carrier


A 5-litre water carrier, ergonomically designed for easy pour, featuring the stylish Trakker icon.

Trakker - 17ltr Heavy Duty Cuvette


Designed to work with the 17 ltr container (216117) Tapered design sits flush inside the container 3 separate divided compartments for organisation and storage Clever design allows the cuvette to sit on the side wall of the container offering excellent efficiency