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Proper Carp Baits Prepared Particles


Preserved in natural Himalayan rock salt, they really are the highest quality particles oosing natural attraction.

Sticky Baits Pure Fish Liquid


A combination of fresh tuna and other sea dwelling fish this makes for an incredibly pungent, attractive liquid for who dares to open up the bottle

Sticky Baits Pure Shrimp Liquid


Perfect for soaking boilies or for concocting spod mixes leaving an incredibly attractive red cloud in the water column

CC MOORE Marine Amino 365 500ml


Ideal for getting your bait pumping out attraction on the lake bed, simply give them a coating of the marine amino 365 liquid and they will be supercharged with feeding signals

CC MOORE DUO Floater Hookbaits


A mix of light and dark brown hookbaits ideal for presenting over light colored dog biscuits or dark trout pellets

CC MOORE Oily Salmon Floater Pack


Fantastic value for money the Oily Salmon Floater Pack will be sure to get them summer carp troughing

CC MOORE Belachan Bag Mix 1kg


This stuff absolutely stinks!! made from fermented shrimp the belachan bag mix is a sure fire fish magnet!!

Nash Hookable Floaters


Simple hair riggable Floaters ideal for presenting among the Slicker Floaters

Nash Slicker Floaters 11mm


Get them carp packmaning with the these awesome Slicker Floaters

Mainline Bait Quads Bottom Baits


A totally unique concept of hookbait the idea being to create a hookbait the fish find difficult to eject, therefore making your rigs more effective at hooking your chosen quarry

Urban Bait Nutcracker Barrel Wafter


Designed to counteract the weight of your rig perfectly, these critically balanced wafters are ideal for tricking wary carp

Urban Bait Strawberry Nutcracker Pellets


Fast breakdown pellets packed full of attraction and proteins the fish find irresistible