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Accessory Bags

Aqua DPM Wader Bag


Ideal for housing waders or alternatively makes an awesome clothes / bits and pieces bag

Wychwood Tactical HD Bits & Bobs Bag


A bag with a thousand uses, weather its bait, clothes, tackle or waders the Bits and Bobs bag has you covered

Fox Camolite Shoulder Wallet


Keep all your valuables safe inside the Camolite Shoulder Wallet, fantastic for roving up and down rivers or for recceing your next chosen venue

Korda Compac Tablet Bags


With the increase of people working from home or maybe even on the bank that last thing you want to to ruin your laptop or tablet, the Compac Tablet bags will help keep them protected from any damage.

Korda Compac Distance Stick Bag


An easy way to keep your distance sticks in one safe place meaning you cannot loose them.

Korda Compac Bankstick Bag


A new addition to the ever growing Korda Compac luggage range and a very handy bag to keep your single bank sticks stored in safetly.

Ridgemonkey GorillaBox Toaster Case


A handy piece of luggage that you can store your sandwich toasters in without the worry of them being loose in your carryalls.

Trakker NXG PVA Pouch


Store all your tackle in one convenient waterproof pouch making tackle transportation a breeze.

Trakker NXG Bait Boat Bag


Fully padded and designed to protect expensive bait boats and accessories from accidental damage. featuring heavy duty material and carry straps.

Trakker NXG Modular Lead Pouches


Perfect for housing assortments of leads or items of terminal tackle with the advantage of clear windows to quickly locate items of tackle without having to open up each one.

Trakker NXG XL PVA Pouch


Designed to neatly house all manner of PVA products or small tackle items, because of its larger dimensions this system can house a selection of bitz pouches

Trakker NXG Essentials Bag XL


The perfect solution for storing all your valuables and personnel belongings, hard wearing, comfortable and protective.