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Enterprise Tackle Avon-Barbel Rod Tip Nightlight Adaptor 2pk


Ideal for night sessions or fishing into dark to register even the lightest of bites

Carp Spirit Brown Pellet Stops Large


Essential for keeping pellets firmly on the hair

Korum Isotope Holder Kit


If you love nothing more than watching for the isotope to twitch from the tip of your rod registering a bite then this kit is for you!

Korum Mega Bands


Avaliable in 4mm, 6mm and 10mm there is a bait band in the range for you. Perfect for use with pellets all the way up to bread!

Korum Camo Running Rig Clips


With two sizes avalible it means you can change your method of fishing very quick and easy and not have to worry about compromising on the sizing of your terminal.

Korum Mega Grip Stops


Available in two size's you can use the mega grip stops from Korum as float stops, helicopter set ups, feeder fishing and more. They are braid and mono safe so perfect for all anglers out there.

Korum Starlight Holder Kit 3mm


Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting by the bank late into the night staring at your star light on the end of your rod waiting for that all important bite.

Korum Inline Inserts


The use of the inline inserts are compatiable with a variety of Korum products, from surface floats to quick change weights they can be used on them all!

Korum Any Chair Adaptor


A must have accessory for those that use side trays any other chair attachment this is the adapter for you!

Dinsmores Bait Dropper


To present bait on the bottom without it drifting away in the flow can be a game changer.

Gorilla Camo Tape


Camo Tape.... Can you get any carper?